I started playing in bands in the late 80's with bluesy rock and covers of classics and 80's songs. In 1995/6 my first original band played nearly 300 gigs in 18 months sharing the stage with artists David Coverdale, The Cult, Front End Loader, Screaming Jets, Iota, Silverchair, You Am I and the Angels among many other great local and touring acts.
While recording my first EP with that band I caught the bug to Produce. An engineer who worked on "Space Odyssey" was around the studio we were working in and he played an extended unreleased mix of the song which sparked a whole new level of infatuation with production and studio gear. I sold my beloved 60's fender strat to buy myself an 8 track tape machine that week and started recording everything that moved (or at least that made sound) Soon after i had my first recording studio in Newcastle my home town. At the time mostly grunge rock and indie pop was going on, some call it the Nirvana era, a time where guitar solo's became very uncool literally overnight! In 1998 i experienced my first taste of radio airplay with Melvin Starr winning JJJ Unearthed for the region. Funnily enough they tied with Muzzy Pep who were produced by my now seemingly lifelong friend Nathaniel Chan. The coming years drew me towards producing soul/groove music in genre's of Rnb, Pop, Folk and Country. I've found within these genre's a real affinity with groove based music.

In 2005 i got back into live production working at the Sydney Opera House after a 10 year absence. Highlights included working with Patti Smith, Sting and Edin Karamazov playing Lutes in the concert hall, Angelique Kidjo, Dave Graney, Gurrumal's pre Aria performance in the Studio and with many other talented acts that stream through that beautiful place. Nowadays i call Perth, Australia with a new studio in Subiaco.